November 29, 2022

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Health & Fitness Journal Stock World Cup 2022: winners and losers

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From Apple to Tencent, LVMH to BHP, Naspers to Netflix.

As the World Cup season kicks off, Street Signs Asia takes a look at some of the world’s biggest companies and pits them against each other in the inaugural Health & Fitness Journal Stock World Cup 2022.

Beginning with the initial phase on November 7th, we will ask experts from around the world to rank each matchup against one key question: if you invest today, which of the two competing companies will bring you a higher total return over the next 12 years? months?

Thirty-two companies. One last champion.

Round of 16:
Berkshire Hathaway vs. Walmart – Berkshire Hathaway wins
JPMorgan vs Apple – JPMorgan wins

Round of 16:
Berkshire Hathaway vs. Reliance Industries – Berkshire Hathaway wins
Meta vs Nintendo – Nintendo Wins | Walmart vs. Home Depot – Walmart wins
Nvidia vs TSMC – TSMC wins
Toyota vs Tesla – Tesla Wins | Tencent vs Google – Google wins
Alibaba vs Amazon – Alibaba wins | Coca-Cola vs LVMH – LVMH wins
Exxon vs. Aramco – Exxon wins | Vale vs BHP – BHP wins
United Healthcare vs. Johnson & Johnson – United Healthcare wins | Disney vs Netflix – Disney wins
Apple vs Samsung – Apple wins | JPMorgan vs Bank of America – JPMorgan wins
Microsoft vs. Visa – Visa wins | Naspers vs. Softbank – Softbank wins

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