Healthy meals PH delivers balanced diet

GOOD nutrition is the key to good health. This is why we must start having healthy food and jump to the right approach (TRA) in attaining good health to address malnutrition in growing children, and the dreaded diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension for adults.

TRA entails the proper, well-balanced and the right amount of carbohydrates, protein and other vitamins and minerals that must be consumed by individuals to ensure well-being.

But nowadays, a holistic approach to health and well-being is oriented toward supplementing of coordinated meals, which is guidance on how to live an optimally healthy and vibrant life, with the practice of the TRA program.

And that’s what Healthy Meals Ph by Renato’s is promoting and will deliver for you.

What is Healthy Meals PH by Renato’s

Healthy Meals PH by Renato’s is a newly launched gastronomic delivery and catering service in the Metro that offers the right approach (TRA) that deals with the preparation of complete and balanced meals for the promotion of healthy living.

Based in Quezon City, Healthy Meals PH by Renato’s prepares meals designed to achieve or maintain your ideal body weight in a safe and healthy way, especially served to customers who are usually on the go, or those who don’t have the pleasure of time to prepare balanced and healthy meals for their loved ones and themselves, which include busy parents who have no time to prepare for their children’s baon; health-conscious and gym buffs, among others.    

Not only that, the formidable and seasoned chefs of Healthy Meals PH by Renato’s, as well, prepare specialized packed meals to those with medical conditions like diabetics and hypertension.

Mission and vision

Healthy Meals PH by Renato’s aims to promote complete, balanced, proper combination and sequence meals for every Filipino with different needs, without compromising the joys of eating.

The company believes that if every customer is happy while eating, in consideration with the right amount of vitamins and minerals, everyday eating entails a happy life.

The Meals

HEALTHY Meals PH by Renato’s serves a wide variety of vigorous delectable cuisines for its target clientes. Whether you are a loving wife and mother to your family; or an on-the-go health-conscious individual or a gym buff—name it, and it is more than willing to serve from dawn to dusk.

This is because its banquets include specialized and balanced meals prepared for its discerning customers.

Calorie-counted meals. This is considered to be the kind of food that every individual should consume, because it is the key in preserving a healthy weight. Healthy Meals PH by Renato’s serves complete and balanced meals to clients that will fit for their needs.

High protein, low carbs. Indulge in meals that make you effortlessly slim down using these high-protein, low-carb dinner recipes. These muscle-building meals are packed with filling meats, veggies and healthy fats, making them great options for anyone on a low-carb diet, especially those who dream of having six-pack abs and a toned physique.

Diabetic and hypertensive meals. Healthy Meals PH by Renato’s keenly observes the prescribed diet that will help its customers control both disorders, and avoid anything that could be harmful to them.

Healthy lunch box for children. Thinking of healthy and exciting packed lunches can be a daily challenge. But its chefs have concocted simple, fast and scrumptious ideas to bring new life to the dreaded lunch box that our children are constantly eluding. Children will now be enticed and excited when they see their favorite hot dogs and burgers in their lunch boxes, not knowing that the food they are consuming are meat wit hout preservatives, keenly innovated by the chefs of Healthy Meals PH by Renato’s, packed with vitamins and minerals.

The healthy food trays

Besides this, Healthy Meals PH by Renato’s also offers healthy and delectable food for your events, its balanced viands are best as gifts during parties; indulging meals for office meetings; and feasts for small group or family affairs.

Holistic assessment

Healthy Meals PH by Renato’s does not only cater sumptuous food alone but for the security of the well-being of its well-loved customers. Healthy Meals PH by Renato’s is a one-stop shop that deals with the holistic and scientific approach guaranteed by top nutrition experts and medical practitioners to guarantee that its clients will secure a healthy lifestyle.

Its team, composed of nutritionists, gyne-oncologists, molecular and nutritional oncologists, physical therapists and sport science specialists will guide and give you advices for proper nutrition, scietific method on  weight loss/weight management.

As part of its commitment to help people attain optimum well-being, Healthy Meals PH by Renato’s is giving free holistic consultation, send a message on its Facebook page Healthy Meals Ph. or set an appointment in its office on April Street, North Congressional Village, Barangay Bahay Toro, Quezon City.


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